From a Box in the Closet

From A Box In The Closet


Category: Memoir
Format: Paperback 284 pp. 5.06 x7.81 inches
ISBN-10: 1735098531
ISBN-13: 978-1735098531

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About the Book

A picture isn’t always worth a thousand words but definitely a few, although sometimes it takes some surmising. For instance, why is Dad peering sideways at Mike like that? Or four year-old Cheryl looking so deeply troubled? And what is bride-Linda pondering as she bunny-hops behind Uncle Allen? 

Other pictures take less guesswork. For example, Mom in her hat and white gloves is unmistakably excited to be going on her first date with Dad, who many years later is clearly enjoying placing a paper bag over her head. And Nancy’s panda obviously overdid it last night. 

By the end of this collection of words and pictures, Manderino manages to acquaint us with his family, a little bit anyway.